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The Redbone Journal is focused on the wonders of our natural environment. In our South Florida setting, the bountiful surroundings have granted silvery fish, jeweled waters, and flowered palm frond beauty that draws anglers from around the world. Attention is given to issues that may benefit or detract from the preservation of these life-giving riches.

Exciting places to explore abound throughout the United States, and beyond. Between shining seas, there are mountains, plateaus, lakes, streams, valleys and marshlands that offer unique contemplative forays in order to find the very best places to pursue an active lifestyle. We present readers with every color, flavor, sight and sound from these exotic regions, and share the aura of adventure found.
Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada, FL

Former President George Bush
and Capt. Al Polofsky
of Islamorada
The Redbone Journal provides insight into
the thoughts of risk takers, innovators, explorers, and outdoor adventurers - people who have blazed new trails throughout their lives. What they do and how, matters to readers of course, but we cut deeper into the heart of the topic, to why? What drives such excellence, and is this distinctive force a measurable quality?

Our editorial contributors consist of
award-winning writers and photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, champions of the environment, and luminaries such as the venerable Curt Gowdy. In an effort to maintain the highest possible editorial standards, The Redbone Journal also entertains queries from seasoned writers with polished manuscripts.

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