Redbone Celebrity Tournament Series
Redbone ~ Celebrating the Adventurous Lifestyle

2019 Redbone Red*Trout Series
Lowcountry Red*Trout Celebrity Classic Tournament Awards

[Click here for a printable PDF of the 2019 Lowcountry awards]

2019 Anglers & Guides

Grand Champion Angler
Luke Blythe
6675 Pts

Guide to Grand Champion Angler
Tucker Blythe

1st Runner-Up Grand Champion Angler
Jonathan Winks
5050 Pts

Guide to Runner-Up Grand Champion Angler
Mark Phelps

Celebrity Grand Champion Angler Chris Wilson
Blair Wiggins
1525 Pts

Guide to Celebrity Grand Champion Angler Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson

Two-Person Team Grand Champion
Team 8

Two-PersonTeam Grand Champion Anglers
Jack Blythe and Luke Blythe
9975 Pts

Guide to Two-Person Team Grand Champion Anglers
Tucker Blythe

Runner-Up Two Person Team Grand Champion
Team 24

Runner-Up Two-PersonTeam Grand Champion Anglers
Wade Thompson and Jonathan Winks
8950 Pts

Guide to Runner-Up 2-Person Team Grand Champion Anglers
Austin Daniel

Spin/Plug Division Champion
Luke Blythe
89 fish

Guide to Spin/Plug Division Champion
Tucker Blythe

Captn. Blair Wiggins and Captn. Jamie Hough

Individual Fly Division Champion
Wade Thompson
33 fish

Guide to Individual Fly Division Champion
Mark Phelps

Team Fly Division Champions
Wade Thompson and Jonathan Winks
59 fish

Guide to Team Fly Division Champions
Mark Phelps

Runner-Up Team Fly Division Champions
Michael Roth and Robert Page
21 fish

Guide to Runner-Up Team Fly Division Champions
John Irwin

Most Redfish Releases
Andy Gurrig
38 fish

Guide to Most Red Fish Releases
Alex Pennekamp
146 fish

Most Trout Releases
Luke Blythe
89 fish

Guide to Most Trout Releases
Tucker Blythe
132 fish

Angler, Patterson Farmer

Largest Redfish
Eric Mathis
49.00 in.

Guide to Largest Redfish
Addison Rupert

Largest Trout
Patterson Farmer
23.25 in.

Guide to Largest Trout
Jamie Hough

Junior Angler Division Champion
David Stallworth II
5025 Pts

Guide to Junior Angler Division Champion
John Ward

Lady Angler Division Champion
Brennyn Wilkes
4475 Pts

Guide to Lady Angler Division Champion
Austin Daniel

Angler, Paul Gawrych